Invitation to Participate in the Study

Idea and Innovation Management 2017

In times of uncertainty and increasingly dynamic markets, innovative power plays a decisive role within an organisation – possibly even one that decides the match! However, in many organisations there is a lot of room for improvement in this regard.

With this short research questionnaire, we – Brightcon Innovation Management Consultants and Qmarkets Innovation Solutions – want to determine the status quo and give Idea and Innovation Managers the opportunity to air their views. What progress has been achieved so far? Where is there potential for optimising the identification of trends? For finding ideas and realising innovations? For the establishment of idea and innovation processes, creativity culture and IT support?

The survey can be answered in 5-10 minutes. It will guide you through the integral principles required for successful Idea and Innovation Management. It goes without saying that you are entitled to a copy of the results, in order to compare your organisation with others.

We thank you sincerely, in advance, for your participation.

Brightcon AG, Switzerland / Brightcon GmbH, Germany