The new MIS-approach of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) brings higher management benefit and a more efficient reporting process

04 October 2011 | Categorie: BI
One of the key tools for the controlling of the integrated railways is the management information system (MIS) of the SBB. In recent months, fundamental changes have been carried out, with the aim to improve quality and efficiency of managerial information for decision-making.

1. To make the reporting process more efficient and flexible in the future, a technology will be used, which is usually deployed in a professional print media environment. With this SBB takes an innovative role in the area of management reporting. The strengths of the new solution lie particularly in a highly efficient company-wide commentary process, the consistent  implementation of layout standards, as well as transparent work flow management.

2. An often neglected issue in the area of management reporting is the professional presentation of business facts. With the now standardised best-practice-notation from Hichert & Partner, the MIS contributes to substantially better readability and interpretation of corporate development and at the same time is a notation benchmark for the railway industry.

3. Hardly any controlling tool throughout the company has such high visibility and at the same time is subject to such rapid change cycles as reporting. To meet these demands, an MIS-Office was established, which represents the interface between management, controlling and IT, as well as manages the operation and support of the MIS.

“With the “new“ MIS we were able to achieve significant improvements: We now have a considerably more efficient reporting process, management information better contributes to decision-making and we have created a lean and effective MIS organisation,” says Lukas Schweizer, Head Performance Reporting of SBB, who responsibly implemented the new MIS. Consultants of Brightcon AG have accompanied the SBB during the whole process, from concept creation to implementation of the MIS.

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