The Next Wave of Reporting

15 September 2016 | Category: Big-Data

Big Data and rapidly changing business environments are changing the way how classical reporting is designed today. Agility, and the focus on business value illustration become pivotal!

A new wave of reporting is guiding companies to that point, called Value-based design! This approach follows a simple 3 step approach: „1st Display the value, 2nd Diagnose the cause, 3rd Decide and manage the change”.

The ultimate goal of designing dashboards with a value-based design in mind is to deliver guided analytics for each individual or group of individuals with insights that matter. In Summary, the focus is on the critical key value indicators, confirmability and reporting agility. Or, abstract figures become tangible and perceptible!

It is comprehensible, that the business is having the bearing role for that. Instead of the old battle between Business and IT, the attention is on the connection: required is professionalism and start up spirit with the focus on business value and market development. Value-based design enables these points – and brings reporting to a new dimension!

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