SAP Lumira – Welcome to the new world of data visualisation

14 July 2015 | Category: BI Visualisations

No more confusing spreadsheets – data can be visualised creatively.

In the age of Big Data, vast amounts of data can accrue. This data should not only be collected, but also visualised and exploited. SAP Lumira offers a simple possibility for analysing and visualising company-relevant data – without any help from IT!

This self-service tool offers a combination of (and access to) various data sources: Of course, Excel and text files are included, along with downloads from data universes and access to all common databanks using SQL interfaces. Furthermore, you can connect SAP Lumira directly to an SAP HANA databank in order to process large amounts of data in real time. Data from the SAP Business Warehouse can be accessed via BW Query, and access to InfoProvider is possible via relational universes.

As a supplement to this, geo or time-based data can also be reinforced with geo or time hierarchies. This enables analysis of depictive visualisations, including both classic bar and pie charts as well as geo-charts, waterfall diagrams and tag clouds. In all, over 35 different visualisations are available on both the desktop and mobile end services.

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