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24 February 2016 | Category: Analytics

The world of BI is changing with "Networked BI" architectures and new ways of thinking. "Networked BI" virtualizes the entire BI ecosystem, transforming every aspect of an organization’s approach to analytics, from application development lifecycles to end-user generated content.

With the explosion of data, organizations are challenged to provide governance over centralized enterprise data, while still offering agility and self-service to business users, and doing this in a way that makes sure the integrity of the data remains intact.

With Birst's Networked BI, we are able to share centralized data with de-centralized business units and empower them to add, combine and compare this data with their own. This enables an essential point for the business – trusted data for executives along with agility and flexibility to business users.

The architecture from Birst automatically unify combinations of data from multiples sources, including existing warehouses, and creates a user-ready data store. This cloud based platform is easy to use, can be deployed and adopted quickly within an organization and is an affordable alternative to traditional BI solutions that are costly to maintain.

Birst has been named as a leader in Cloud Business Intelligence Platform by the independent research firm Forrester. Birst received the highest scores in the evaluation criterias: cloud delivery, data access and integration, data visualization, business-user self-service, security and compliance, technical architecture and vision and strategy.

We see that access to sophisticated enterprise-grade analytics via the range of cloud delivery mechanism is a potential game changer for many businesses and we are pleased to be partner with Birst and bring such a leading analytics platform to the European market.

Birst, the leader in Cloud BI, and Brightcon, announced a partnership to provide organizations custom analytics solutions.

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