Brightcon Innovation Management

14 June 2015 | Category: Innovation Management

The management consulting firm Brightcon and the software firm Qmarkets are strategic partners.

Brightcon is a management consulting firm specialising in Information Management, Predictive Analytics and Innovation Management. Brightcon consulting services encompass strategy, methodology, processes, organization and IT solutions regarding professional Innovation Management. We conduct ideation workshops, manage system implementations and conduct Executive Innovation Tours.

Inspired by the philosophy of “The wisdom of the crowds”, Qmarkets was founded in 2006, with the goal of developing a software that will help organizations exploit the collective opinion of a group of stakeholders for making better business decisions. Today, Qmarkets is the leading provider of collective intelligence solutions for enterprises from a wide range of business sectors. With offices in the US, Europe & Australia and with the R&D center in Israel, Qmarkets is the principal provider of idea management software with a true global footprint.

Brightcon is looking forward to supporting you with 360° Innovation Management.

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