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The Next Wave of Reporting

15 September 2016 | Category: Big-Data

Big Data and rapidly changing business environments are changing the way how classical reporting is designed today. Agility, and the focus on business value illustration become pivotal!

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Economic prospects for Switzerland remain uncertain – Swiss managers place emphasis on innovation

11 May 2016 | Category: Analytics

Swiss managers remain critical concerning prospects for the economy, as a recent survey* by the Brightcon Group of over 80 senior managers demonstrates. Although cost reduction is still a priority for management, the search for growth opportunities has taken on increasing importance. However, participants are sceptical of the impact of existing innovation strategies, and see a need to adopt a more systematic approach, as an impact on revenue remains elusive.

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Next level Business Analytics

24 February 2016 | Category: Analytics

The world of BI is changing with "Networked BI" architectures and new ways of thinking. "Networked BI" virtualizes the entire BI ecosystem, transforming every aspect of an organization’s approach to analytics, from application development lifecycles to end-user generated content.

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Business Cases

15 January 2016 | Category: News

When the head of production introduces a new manufacturing technology, nobody expects nothing to change. But how do the CEO and CFO behave when new IT technology is introduced for the financial sector? Answers to three questions.

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SAP Lumira – Welcome to the new world of data visualisation

14 July 2015 | Category: BI Visualisations

No more confusing spreadsheets – data can be visualised creatively. In the age of Big Data, vast amounts of data can accrue. This data should not only be collected, but also visualised and exploited. SAP Lumira offers a simple possibility for analysing and visualising company-relevant data – without any help from IT!

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Brightcon Innovation Management

14 June 2015 | Category: Innovation Management

The management consulting firm Brightcon and the software firm Qmarkets are strategic partners. Brightcon is a management consulting firm specialising in Information Management, Predictive Analytics and Innovation Management. Brightcon consulting services encompass strategy, methodology, processes, organization and IT solutions regarding professional Innovation Management. We conduct ideation workshops, manage system implementations and conduct Executive Innovation Tours.

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