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Innovative together in public transport

Are you responsible for coming up with ideas and innovations within a public transport company?

Do you want to introduce a state-of-the-art ideation software solution that bolsters new ideas and innovative prowess in your organisation but does not break the budget? 


Shared Creativity –

Harness crowd creativity with InnoRAIL!


InnoRAIL is a cooperative platform consisting of at least three public transport companies, which enables the participating organisations to develop end-to-end ideas and realise innovations, both internally and across organisations.

 InnoRail covers three core processes:

Idea management with an intuitive state-of-the-art IT platform:

  • Organise campaigns on topics which you specifically want to improve and innovate .
  • Collect ideas from your employees and, where necessary, ideas by employees from other public transport companies.
  • Discuss, comment as well as evaluate already developed ideas and carry them over to realisation.

Innovation management with a supervised innovation lab for the development of market-ready innovations:

  • Use organised workshops to develop your collected ideas to market maturity
  • Generate prototypes and tests within a creative environment
  • Benefit from the expertise of successful experts on ideas and innovation

Performance management to plan, control and measure your ideas and innovation management:

  • Receive monthly reports
  • Analyse the success of your ideas as well as innovation management and measure the impact of your innovations
          • Take advantage of cost savings by sharing the platform with at least two other public transport companies
          • Create synergies through collaboration
          • Together you can strengthen the innovative power of public transport services as well as the creative power of your organisation



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