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InnoPolice is a state-of-the-art Ideation software solution that bolsters new ideas and creative prowess in your organisation, facilitates easy exchange between federals states/cantons, and supports cooperative relationships.


Shared Creativity –

Broaden your knowledge pool with InnoPolice!


The InnoPolice cooperation platform is shared with at least two other state police headquarters. It is up to you to decide whether you want to collect any ideas internally or utilise the support of other state police headquarters, to pool and develop them further until they become a matured innovation, which is ready to be realised.


Our InnoPolice concept covers three core processes, which encompass all development steps in an end-to-end process, from identifying the need for action to introducing improvements and innovations:

Idea management with an intuitive state-of-the-art IT platform:

  • Organise campaigns on topics which you specifically want to improve and innovate.
  •  Collect ideas from your employees and, where necessary, ideas by employees from other public transport companies.
  • Discuss, comment as well as evaluate already developed ideas and carry them over to realisation.

Innovation management with a supervised innovation lab for the development of market-ready innovations:

  • Continuously develop your collected ideas and proposed improvements in organised workshops until their introduction
  • Generate prototypes and tests within a creative environment
  • Benefit from the expertise of successful experts on ideas and innovation

Performance management to plan, control and measure your ideas and innovation management:

  • Receive monthly reports
  • Analyse the success of your ideas as well as innovation management and measure the impact of your innovations
            • Take advantage of cost savings by sharing the platform with at least two other state/canton police headquarters
            • Create synergies through collaboration
            • Together you can strengthen the innovative power of the state/canton police


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