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You are an innovation manager and you lack time to devote yourself to more elaborate innovation projects in addition to the day-to-day business?

You are a project manager and are not yet very familiar with the implementation of complex innovation projects?

Your company has only carried out few innovation projects, and you would like a professional innovation project manager to accompany you in your innovation projects or to take over the management of your innovation projects?


When innovations fail, it is usually not due to the quality of the developed ideas, but due to their implementation.

The implementation of innovations requires professional innovation project management, which, in addition to the control and coordination of resources, also takes into account the challenges that an innovation process entails.

InnoPROJECT is our solution for implementing your ideas and innovation management projects professionally, timely and "within budget".

In collaboration with your innovation or project manager, our experts manage your innovation project, take over the project and part-project management, from project planning to implementation, and also the ad-interim management of your idea and innovation management.

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