Improvement of Sales Conversion

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Consider the following: A potential customer is interested in an offer on your website, but does not log in and leaves your website without making a purchase. Two days later, your potential customer, and other people from a precisely selected target group, receive a highly suitable offer in their physical post box.


Beforehand, you could only reach these potential customers through online re-targeting. Now, virtual prospective customers can be localised by offline targeting as well, fully conformant to data protection requirements. This is made possible by a technical solution that connects the "old world" of postal delivery with the digital world of online marketing. You can measure the results of print mail just as accurately and transparently as is the case with your online channels. Through the fully automated control of physical transmissions, you can tailor your personal needs to the needs of your customers, at precisely the right time.


Test cases with well-known customers in the automotive, utilities, banking and insurance fields have already shown that, by using this technology, CPO can be reduced and a conversion rate 5-10 (!) times higher can be achieved, than is the case with traditional online measures alone.


We would like to introduce you to this new technology. It can easily be integrated into your existing marketing performance and automation tools, without the purchase of addresses and data protection compliance, and certified by the European Privacy Seal.

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