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Carrying out transformation and implementation projects in the area of business intelligence brings massive challenges to project leaders, which far exceed the classical Project Management (PM) disciplines. Various stakeholder concepts, heterogeneous technology and different internal and external partners must be directed towards unified goals and brought into accord with one another in order to realise sought-after business potential. Often enough, projects fail along the way, or deliver disappointing results that create conflict between clients and supplier organisations. The reason is often a lack of experience combined with a view that is too inward-looking and almost always, failing to consider critical success factors.

Brightcon specialises in project management, regardless of whether this only involves introducing a new reporting tool or transforming processes and organisations globally. Our project and program managers have comprehensive experience in the fiduciary leading of projects with the highest degree of management transparency, on both the national and international level and across divisions, cultures and locations.

We accompany our clients: from initial project ideas to project preparation, approval phases, the entire operative project management in delivery, process integration and organisational Change Management. For critical projects, we act as an external reviewer, scrutinising systematic projects for weaknesses and delivering risk assessments, weakness analyses and catalogues of measures to our clients.Our certified project leaders are management and senior consultants who boast an extensive track record of successfully closed international level C projects.

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