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Brightcon is delighted that its chairman, Dr Andrew Mountfield, will serve as a member of the International Advisory Board of the Business Intelligence & Smart Services Institute in Heerlen, Netherlands, and sends its congratulations on the opening of the new Brightlands Campus.

Dr Andrew Mountfield has been elected to the International Advisory Board

09 July 2016 | Category: Management Team

Dr Andrew Mountfield, Chairman of the Brightcon Group since the beginning of 2016, has been elected to the International Advisory Board of the Dutch-based Business Intelligence & Smart Service Institute (BISS). 

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The BISS is a research and teaching institute, founded jointly by the University of Maastricht, the Open University and the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, based in Heerlen in the Netherlands. BISS focuses on innovation in the areas of Big Data, the Internet of Things and Smart Services, working in a network with public sector and for-profit service organisations on shared initiatives.


Other members of the Board include Prof Wolfgang Wahlster, German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Dr Astrid Boeijen, Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics, Marcel Prins, APG, Prof Martin Bichler, Technical University of Munich and Dr Erik Toosten, Arion.


Brightcon is pleased to support this new institute as it creates an innovative bridge between research and practice

Dr Andrew Mountfield has held
the position of Chairman of Brightcon since 15 January 2016.

15 January 2016 | Category: Management Team

He has been a consultant in the field of strategy and performance management for many years and has worked with organizations active nationally and globally, in a range of industries.

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His consultancy work focuses on the following topics:

  • Design and optimisation of organisational strategies
  • Creating target operating models and design and implementation of organisational changes
  • Leadership coaching on issues of strategic management for the CEO and CFO
  • Designing performance management solutions at business and employee levels
  • Creating planning and control solutions
  • Developing optimisation approaches to predictive analytics and forecasting

Partnership with birst

01 January 2016 | Category: Partner

Since the beginning of 2016, Brightcon and Birst are strategic partners.

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Next level Business Analytics
to the publication

Brightcon has opened a new office at the Zurich airport

8 October 2015 | Category: Contact

Brightcon AG
Postfach 311
8058 Zürich-Airport

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Come by and see our new office! You'll be amazed.

Strategic partnership with Qmarkets

15 July 2015 | Category: Partner

Since June 2015, the consulting firm Brightcon and the software manufacturer Qmarkets have been strategic partners.

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Numerous successful assignments completed with our partners make us certain that if you engage us and our partners, you will have the best market experts at your disposal.

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